Mr + Mrs Tarr

Oh my, oh my!  This was so fun.  I was so glad to have been invited by Courtney Bowlden of Courtney Bowlden Photography to participate in this Valentine theme photoshoot.  This couple stole my heart from the start.  They’ve only been married a year.  As you can see they are madly in love with each other.  I love it when a guy is tender with his girl and a girl is flirty with her guy.  These two were a great example of that.  Doesn’t she have the most beautiful big brown eyes?  And I just love her bright red lips.   Muah!

Bellingham Engagement Photographer - Francys Tobler - Mr & Mrs Tarr 1Mr & Mrs Tarr 2Mr & Mrs Tarr 3Mr & Mrs Tarr 4Mr & Mrs Tarr 5Mr & Mrs Tarr 6Mr & Mrs Tarr 7Mr & Mrs Tarr 8Mr & Mrs Tarr 9Mr & Mrs Tarr 10Mr & Mrs Tarr 11Mr & Mrs Tarr 13Mr & Mrs Tarr 14Mr & Mrs Tarr 15Mr & Mrs Tarr 16