About me

My husband thinks that I work in photography just so that I can support my shoe addiction.  I have a thing for high-heeled shoes.  A girl can never have too many!  Plus as a runner, I’m always “needing” new shoes.

I enjoy running marathons because it allows me to eat whatever I want; like chocolate torte, filet mignon, hot cocoa with French vanilla ice cream, pho . . .but I digress.  While training for marathons my speed is pretty fast, but my time is slower on race day.  At the finish line when my husband asks what happened, I tell him about the wonderful people I met or the struggling runner who I ran alongside to encourage.  I guess I like people more than I like running.  That’s the reason I’m in photography, I really like people.

Because I’m a naturally happy person, weddings are just the place for me.  My style is personal, close-up and bright.  I look for true expressions as they occur more often than forcing staged shots.

I’m a romantic at heart and I love, well . . . love.   Capturing the glances of tender affection between a couple or family is what draws me to photography.  My passion, privilege and joy is to tell your story though timeless photos.

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